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The Benefits Of Having Experienced Legal Representation In A Property Tax Lien Sale

Buyers who are interested in tax lien investing need the guidance of our attorneys, who focus on this area of law. Our founding attorney began representing clients in property tax lien sales in 1975. Since then, our firm has built on his knowledge and experience to become a leader in this complex, ever-changing area of law.

Many people attempt to go through the legal process of property tax lien sales on their own. These people often come to us after the fact to help correct errors they made in the process.

Extensive changes to the laws in Indiana make getting professional help even more important to avoid the pitfalls involved with these kinds of purchases. The lawyers at William R. Richards, P.C., will ensure that you go through this process smoothly at every step, starting with the tax sale, providing notices and obtaining a valid tax deed and quiet titles.

In addition, our firm will represent you in real estate foreclosures and evictions, as well as debt collections.

Don’t Go Through This Process Alone. Let Our Experience Guide You.

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More information on property tax lien sales and seminars hosted by our firm is available at http://www.indianataxsale.com/.

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