A Firm With Solutions And Strategies For Collections

The attorneys at William R. Richards, P.C., are experienced in several areas of collections law. We can offer possible strategies and solutions for collecting debts.

  • Commercial and retail collections
  • Auto loans
  • Insurance subrogation
  • Credit cards
  • Student loan collections

Are You Owed Child Support?

Have you been fighting for child support in court and gotten nowhere, and now the state of Indiana has closed the case? Few people realize they have another option for going after back child support. With our experienced representation, we have collected child support for parents who thought they would never see a dime of money their child deserves. Contact us today for an initial consultation to see if we can help with your case.

Professional, Experienced Help In All Kinds Of Collections

William R. Richards, P.C., is a boutique law firm in Indianapolis focused on property tax lien sales and collections. It's our focus, meaning we have experience unmatched by many other firms in collections, as well as tax sales. Our firm has become a leader in the legal community in Indianapolis.

If you contact us, we can help collect the debt you are owed. Call our firm at 317-528-9572. You also may contact us online.